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Welcome to Department of Geoscience!

Department of Geoscience has ambitions to be a leading scientific&didactic workplace focused on geosciences and especially physical geography. Our department is one part of the Centre of Biology, Geoscience and Environmental Education, the Faculty of Education of University of West Bohemia. Second part of this centre is Department of Biology, so we closely cooperate on the environmental topics.

The Department team is young, progressive and ambitious and currently has 5 members. The focal point of our Department is teaching of future geography teachers. Students are also involved in our research activity on the field of physical geography and education as well. Student's theses are focused on scientific issues that Department members currently solve.

We guarantee Bachelor's programme - Natural Science Studies branch Geography in Education, which can be studied with another teaching program together or alone. Successful graduates of Bachelor's program can choose from two master's programs - Teaching of Geography for Elementary Schools and Teaching of Geography for High Schools.